Mold After a Basement Flood or Leak – You’ve Got….Mail? NO – MOLD!

“You’ve got mold,” said my real estate agent. “The inspector found mold in your basement.”

“What? We can’t have mold! My company sells the leading mold control product in the market – how can I have mold??”

But we did. My wife and I were selling our first house to make room for our third child on the way and an interested buyer had a house inspection done. Sure enough, in a small cupboard in the basement, there was a small bit of mold on the lower part of the wall. The inspector figured that it was a result of water leaking in from the front porch above.

Mold in your home can happen to anyone. Actually, it pretty much does happen to everyone – even people who sell mold control products! Luckily for us in our case, it was only a small problem that I was able to fix quickly with a few squirts of Concrobium Mold Control, a product that eliminates and prevents mold without any nasty chemicals like bleach or ammonia.

But leaks, basement floods, poor construction and inadequate ventilation can lead to much more serious mold problems which can both negatively affect your family’s health and cost you tens of thousands of dollars to fix. Knowing how to prevent mold in the first place and how to deal with mold if you have it is critical to maintaining a healthy home and preserving your property’s value. For tips, check out our mold prevention checklist at

Epilogue: Our house sale ended up going through with this particular buyer, but we had to throw in a free case of Concrobium Mold Control!

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    Excellent blog, thanks for enlightening us about the mold control product. We will certainly have to give it a try :-).

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